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T-shirt quilt

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I’ve wanted to make Janie a t-shirt quilt for a long time but they can be pretty pricey.  I was going to start asking some friends and family if they would be able/interested in making one for me but this offer came up on Living Social.  The full size quilt with 30 t-shirts is only $85!  I also got 6% cash back by using Ebates.  I’m so excited to send in her shirts.  These would make a great gift for a graduate!  Tim happens to be the owner of lots of beer shirts.  Maybe I could make a lap blanket for the man cave 🙂

One thought on “T-shirt quilt

  1. I think t-shirt quilts are so neat!! Glad you were able to get a great deal on them!! (I have taken to cutting the ‘good part’ on the back of my really old, nasty HS t-shirts off and use them as dust rags. Then when I’m cleaning, I can reminisce about my 10th grade marching band show or whatever. It’s pretty fun!)

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