Life with the Bs

Parades and cookouts

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I’m sure we were not alone in celebrating the 4th with parades and cookouts…’s the American way!  Nolan wanted to ride his bike in the parade this year.  I should have worn my running shoes to keep up with him!

July 2014 005

Not my most creative decorating.  I did manage to recycle a Lalaloopsy wig.  Someone yelled out that he won the best helmet award.  Sadly, there was not a best helmet award.

July 2014 034

Janie won a jar of gumballs for guessing how many there were in the jar.  She guessed 79 and there were 77.  Luckily, they weren’t playing the Price is Right way.

I witnessed my first frozen shirt contest.  Everyone that wants to participate gets a frozen shirt and has to unfold it and put it on.  Neither of my kids wanted to participate but Nolan decided he wanted a frozen shirt after some of his friends were wearing them.  He got pizza on it so I washed it and he didn’t understand why it wasn’t frozen anymore.  Nolan’s frozen dress…..

July 2014 027

Overall, we had a great weekend and the weather was beautiful!  I guess it takes a hurricane to suck all the humidity out of Georgia.

July 2014 025



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