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Weekend Wrap Up

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Where does the weekend go???  Tim and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend.  We had a date night at Chops.  One of our friends (he was actually one of our groomsmen) works there and he gave us the royal treatment.  Maybe they treat every patron like that but I like to think we have the hook up.  To say he fed us well is an understatement, we woke up on Sunday morning and were still stuffed.


The kids were invited to a water slide birthday party on Sunday.  Such a fun party!

water slide

Then the same friend from Chops came over and made us dinner…..homemade french fries, Caesar salad, and steak sandwiches. Yum!!!  I can safely say that I ate my calories for the entire week over the weekend.  Rabbit food for the rest of the week.


One thought on “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. What!??!! Someone came and cooked for you at your HOUSE?!?! I need to be friends with that person!! Amazing!

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