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Stitch Fix Outfit 2


This dress is my favorite piece that I received in my Stitch Fix package.  It’s a great balance between casual and dressy.  It’s fully lined and fits well.  I love a good summer dress so this was a total win!

Stitch fix 2

I’m also wearing another item that came in my fix.  I have tons of necklaces so I considered not keeping this one.  However, it has both gold and silver and I don’t have anything like that and it looks great with this dress.  I think I will change my style profile to focus on clothes for future fixes.  I also think I can find jewelry at better deals.  But with the 25% discount for keeping it all, I made more sense to keep it.

Nolan's 5th Birthday 020


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Outfit 2

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  2. I saw your comment on Kellys Korner. Thanks for sharing about your SF! I’ve been debating it. We look about the same size and I like all your pieces so I think I’d like it. I’m like you though, I like to save a buck! Never knew you could do it just once or twice a year until you said that. Thanks for the tips!

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