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Stitch Fix Outfit 1


I received my first “fix” from Stitch Fix this week!  I’m happy to report that I kept all 5 items.  I couldn’t believe that they all fit and I liked them all.  There were 3 pieces that I loved!  I’m going to share the different outfits as I wear them.  Here’s outfit one:



It’s evident that I’m not a fashion blogger and that my 8 year old was my photog.  Both the shirt and the shorts came from Stitch Fix.  The shorts are awesome!  A perfect fit, neither too long nor short, and the correct rise for me.  The shirt is not something I would ever pick out because it has pink and as I redhead, I stay away from pink.  I really love it though!

As far as prices go, it was more than I regularly spend on clothes.  However, it was my Mother’s Day gift so I can splurge a little and I got the 25% discount for keeping all 5 items.  Once you factor in the discount, each item came to about $35….not too bad!  I think everyone should fill out a style profile.  It’s fun to rate the outfits and find out more about what you like.  You don’t have to schedule a “fix” until you’re ready.  I think it would be fun to do once or twice a year.


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Outfit 1

  1. That’s awesome!!! And I’m jealous that you have a willing 8 year old to photograph you, hahaha. I always feel like a huge dork asking Matt to take a ‘fashion’ picture for me…but 8 year olds seem much less judgy. 😉

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