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I don’t have anything to post about today so here’s a bunch of random stuff:

–  We watched Saving Mr. Banks.  I fell asleep on the first attempt (no surprise there) but we finished it the next day and Tim and I really enjoyed it.  Then we had to watch Mary Poppins with the kids, of course.  I think I would have fought the animated penguins too!

– I really didn’t enjoy the first half of the last season of Mad Men, until I read this.  Then I felt dumb for not picking up on the meaning behind the story lines.

– Tim and I started House of Cards and I’m not exactly sold yet but I’m still watching.  It was funny to drive by the Gaffney peach on our way to Great Wolf Lodge after watching that episode.  We too had to snap a picture but I had a passenger be my photographer.   The peach really needs to go!

– I watched the recap episode of the Bachelorette so I think I’m caught up.  Josh M. is my pick so far.  I guess abc is running out of date ideas!  The old people make over…..that was a little out there!

– We’re back to our family of four.  Our first Safe Families hosting experience was great!  It was an adjustment for all of us but it really worked out well.

– Nolan’s enjoying his first Vacation Bible School week.  He’s napped for over 2 hours the past few days!  They’re wearing him out.  Janie’s enjoying it too but it’s her 5th year so she’s an old pro.


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