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We got to meet Tripp Halstead last night!  We’ve been praying for Tripp since October of 2012 when he suffered a traumatic brain injury on his daycare playground.  A large tree limb fell and crushed his skull.  His mom, Stacy, posts about their daily life, struggles, and prayer request on FaceBook.  When they filmed the movie Blended here in Atlanta, Tripp got to go on set and meet the cast, including Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  She posted that they were invited to the pre-screening last night.  We also had tickets through CineMoms.  I’m not generally one to go up to someone but when they walked in the theater and got comfortable I had to walk down to meet them.  Stacy was so sweet!  I told her that I feel like I know her and she said that they get that all the time.  She told me all about Tripp’s latest surgery to get his tonsils out and how much he’s improved since then.  I told her that Janie and I pray for Tripp and that he is as precious in person!  The movie was great and sweet Tripp was still awake at the end so I think he enjoyed it too!


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