Life with the Bs

Almost Summer

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Here’s evidence that summer is getting close…..

1. The ice cream man is making regular rounds.  Janie had run up to her room to get some money and Nolan was standing by the ice cream truck while some neighbor girls were buying their ice cream.  I turned around and there was Nolan with a Bubble Gum Pop (so gross).  I looked at the ice cream man and he said, “I gave it to him.”  What a nice guy!

CAM01549(Nolan had been riding his bike so that’s why he’s wearing a helmet.  Although I have considered making him wear one all the time!)

2.  Baseball and softball are over!  Well, Janie’s tournament starts tonight but considering that they haven’t won a regular season game, I’m thinking they will be out after one game.  It’s really bittersweet.

2. Janie had field day this week.  I love field day games…..tug of war, relay races, limbo.  They have now added water games and she came home soaked!

May 002

4.  We have graduation and awards ceremonies next week.  Another school year behind us!


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