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Always on a Sunday

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Nolan brought home his Mother’s Day gifts last night and just couldn’t wait for me to open them.  His excitement was pretty cute!  But then I got this blow…..


Forty?!?!  Come on Nolan!  We have never built an airport out of blocks so I guess we better get on that since it’s his favorite thing to do with me.  The rest of it was spot on though.  Green happens to be my favorite color so I made sure to wear it at muffins for mom so I would look pretty!

Janie brought a Mother’s Day card up to me this morning.  It was a cute card and very fitting but I had to wonder why I got it today.  When Tim got back from the bus stop, I asked and he said that he thought Mother’s Day was today.  Ha!  He blamed the radio for his confusion.  I said it’s fine, I really don’t mind celebrating all weekend.  However, Mother’s Day has always been on a Sunday.


One thought on “Always on a Sunday

  1. Hahahaha that is too funny. Mother’s Day on Friday? Sure, why not!! I really love reading those Mother’s Day questionnaires that kids fill out. SO funny!!! Have fun building that airport!

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