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Big News


We’ve been approved as a Safe Family and we’re getting our first placement this week!  And now I see why God gives you 9 months to prepare for a baby!  Luckily, many neighbors and friends have come through with baby stuff since I don’t have anything anymore.  Someone asked if we needed diapers and I hadn’t even thought about that.  I guess a baby doesn’t come potty trained.  My, how you forget!

I’ve been feeling for awhile like our family isn’t complete, like we have more to offer.  I started thinking about options and someone from our church spoke about fostering orphans from other countries. We looked into that but the upfront costs were really high.  About that time, Becca from The Stanley Clan wrote this post.  It’s amazing how this blog world works!  Someone commented about Safe Families so I looked into it.   It seemed like a great fit because they are short term stays.  We could get our feet wet without jumping all the way in.  The goal is to keep the family together and I love that!  We started the process back in January and were just approved this week.

Unfortunately, I cannot share pictures or details on the child.  I wish I could!  Janie cannot wait to be a big sister again, even for only a few weeks.  We’re just a temporary stop for this child but I hope we can be a blessing to the family in their time of need.  I know it’s going to be hard at times but we’re looking forward to this journey.

4 thoughts on “Big News

  1. This is SO awesome!!! What an exciting adventure for your family and what a huge blessing to the families and children in crisis!!

  2. Awesome you guys are wonderful people for doing this. Many blessings on your new adventure

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