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Take me out to the ballgame

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We took the kids to their first Braves game this weekend.  We had a great time and our seats were in the shade so that was a huge plus!  Professional baseball is kind of boring after watching the kids play.  I wanted someone to make an error or something.  Luckily they had lots of other stuff to keep us occupied like the wave and tomahawk chopping.  On Sundays, the kids to get run the bases so that was super exciting!  Just walking on the field and past the dugout was pretty cool.

Braves 2014 028

Nolan slid, some would say tripped, into third base.  Either way, he brought some of Turner Field home on his jersey so that’s a win!

Braves 2014 042

We also saw Heaven is for Real this weekend.  It was a great movie and kept the interest of both kids!  They’ve been talking about it and asking questions.  It’s a great movie for any age.


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