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Happy Friday!  I’m joining Kelly’s Korner today in Show us your Biggest Design Challenge.  I’ve wanted to create a gallery wall going up our steps but I just can’t figure out how to add to it.  Please share your suggestions….House stuff 089Also, the water line on the water dispenser on our refrigerator keeps freezing up.  We already paid to have it fixed once so I think it’s time to move on to something else.  What’s the best way to have filtered water at home?  Our kitchen faucet has a removable sprayer so we cannot get one of those filters that connect to your faucet.  Are the Brita Water Pitchers any good?

Thanks for your help!



6 thoughts on “Advice

  1. I think, at this point, you should take what you have and just add a few other (different”) elements. Some architectural pieces, maybe a large letter (like the first letter of your last name) and/or a sconce or two.

  2. I am thinking a variety of sizes and frame styles. I used to have a smaller gallery wall in my home office with just black frames. It was meh. When I added white, silver and gold with some different sizing – it came together. And a mirror added in the mix will give it interest. HTH! 😀
    PS- I really liked our Brita.

  3. Everything needs to be closer together. Fill those walls!

  4. I would use the Waterlogue App to create a watercolor of your house to bring in some color. Add some frames that come with mats and a couple of canvases. You can get inexpensive Ribba frames with mats from Ikea. You can attach the canvases to the wall with nails or use velcro so that you can change them out. Costco does affordable canvases. They do need to be closer together. I would put a sign up over the biggest one that says ____ Family, Est. 200x or whatever date you got married. That will add a lot of interest. You can find Etsy sellers that make those. Everything could be at the same level, even on the step down. Use thread taped up with painters’ tape to show you the level. For the shorter wall, I would take the two that you have and put them up against the wall, then get a long, skinny frame with a mat with three openings to put next to it.
    The best thing I did with my gallery wall was to make a paper cut out of every frame and tape it up on the wall with painter’s tape so that I could rearrange things before hanging.
    Good luck!

  5. I think some different colors and shapes would help the gallery wall. As far as water filtration we’ve had great luck with and it wasn’t too hard to install.

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