Life with the Bs

Baseball and Bunnies

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We had a beautiful weekend!  It was actually pretty hot and I got scolded for saying that by the cashier at Aldi.  I guess after this winter, it’s too early to say it’s hot outside.

Nolan had 3 games this weekend!  One of the dads came through in making them look like real baseball players (big wad of gum and all).


Nolan got a base hit at his game on Sunday so Nana and Papa treated him to ice cream.  Fittingly, he chose a dirt sundae after playing in the dirt in the outfield.

CAM01506We had an Easter Egg Hunt in our neighborhood.  The Easter Bunny is so strange to me.  I really don’t know what to do or how to explain that one.  Luckily, there haven’t been too many questions and we don’t put much emphasis on it.  But there he was so we took a picture.

April 008

The petting zoo was a big hit.  Janie will hold anything but Nolan is a little more hesitant (which is probably a blessing to some of the animals).

April 010 April 013 April 015

I’m hoping for a good rain today to wash away all this pollen.  Although yellow is a beautiful spring color, I would prefer not to see it all over the place.

Have a great week!


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