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I don’t do mornings

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I’m not a morning person at all.  I never have been (that I can remember).  In college, I would work the lunch shift at a restaurant and schedule classes for the afternoon/evening.  I haven’t had to use an alarm clock regularly since 2006 because I gave birth to early risers (God’s joke on me).  Thankfully, I married a man that doesn’t mind getting up early so he takes the morning shift.  He gets Janie up each morning, gets her ready, and on the bus.  Nolan usually eats with them and then comes to bed with me to snuggle and watch some TV.  That’s my kind of morning, waking to a snuggle bug with the luxury of being able to lay around for a bit.  Once I finally get moving, Nolan and I get ready and I drop him off at school and then begin my work day.

For Lent, Tim decided to go to daily mass on the mornings that they offer it at 6:30am.  Three mornings a week, I’ve had to get Janie on the bus at 6:52am.  Some mornings have been rough and I’ve been at the bus stop in my robe.  However, I’m adjusting and seeing how much I can accomplish in the morning.  This morning I practiced spelling words with Janie, worked on flash cards with Nolan, ate breakfast, showered, folded and put away two loads of laundry, stripped our beds and put the sheets in the wash, dropped Nolan off at school, and started my workday.  I haven’t even had a cup of coffee yet. I don’t do mornings but maybe I should!


One thought on “I don’t do mornings

  1. That is awesome!! What a meaningful way to observe Lent!

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