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Well, seeing her younger brother hop on a bike was all the motivation that Janie needed!  We now have two bike riders in this house (4 if you count Tim and I).  While I was at boot camp last night, Tim took the kids to a school parking lot to ride bikes.  He was working with Nolan on starting to pedal without a push and Janie just started riding! She has never expressed any interest in learning to ride, until Nolan started.  We need another new bike now because Janie’s bike is too small.  Tim’s doubtful that we can find another great deal.

Speaking of motivation, this morning our dog gave me the motivation that I needed to replace a rug that I don’t love when he peed on it.  We purchased this runner out of necessity because Baxter goes flying at the front door when someone knocks so we had to protect our hardwoods.


I’ve never really loved it but it serves it’s purpose.  But when Baxter peed on it this morning, I knew it had to go.  I ordered this rug this morning.  At $25 the price was right!




One thought on “Motivation

  1. Ooooh love the new rug!!! Sometimes dogs are so helpful to give you the excuse you need to shop!!! 🙂

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