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Let’s go ride a bike

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Nolan’s balance bike bit the dust.  In truth, he left it out and I ran over it.  It lasted a few more weeks but the wood finally gave way last weekend.  We were talking with some friends about wanting to purchase a used bike for him to see if they knew of anyone that had a bike for sale.  My neighbor called me bright and early on Saturday and said that she was at a garage sale that had a bike that looked to be his size.  She sent me a picture so I woke Tim to look at it.  He was half asleep and asked what kind of bike, I looked at the picture and told him it said Trek.  He said, “buy it!”  I know nothing about bikes but I guess this was a good one.  We offered them $20 and they took it.  Once my fabulous neighbor delivered the bike, we looked it up online and it retails for over $200!


It rained most the weekend so Nolan didn’t get too much time on his new bike.  He had the balance part down but he didn’t know how to pedal.  It’s funny to think that my kids never really learned how to pedal.  Back in my day, we knew how to pedal from our Big Wheels.  Tim put the training wheels on so he could get the pedaling down and not keep pushing backwards to break.  Yesterday, we went over to a friend’s house and we took the training wheels off and off he went!  He’s a bike rider at 4 years old!


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