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A pajama battle

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I feel like I’ve conquered the day already!   I’m calling it and headed back to bed (I wish…this rainy day calls for it).  Nolan’s having pajama day.  Actually both kids have pajama day but with Janie, I set out clothes and she puts them on….easy peasy!  Nolan on the other hand, has his own ideas.  First, he wanted to wear footie pajamas.  Not a ideal for today since it’s warm and rainy.  I talked him out of those and then he went for the Superman pjs with a cape.  Great idea except for the fact that they’re a size 2T (he’ll be 5 in June).  They fit but the arms are short and the pants come just below the knee.  He was set on wearing them because everyone else will be wearing “awesome” pajamas.  I tried to tell him that they do not look awesome (my bad they haven’t made it to the hand me down bag).  He has other super hero pjs that fit so I told him he could wear those pants with the Superman shirt and cape.  This went on for at least 20 minutes and we even had to make a call to Tim so he could assure Nolan that the pants with super heros would go with the Superman shirt.  He finally chose to go with my suggestion.

CAM01464I’m so thankful that he wears a uniform 4 days a week.  However, next year he will get to wear what he wants to school.  What am I going to do?  How do you handle clothing battles?


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