Life with the Bs

Midweek Randoms

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  • How do families have more than two children in sports?  This baseball/softball season has been crazy and it just started.  I don’t think there has been a practice/game that our family has been able to attend together.  Divide and conquer is the name of our game!
  • I finished Scandal (a couple of week ago actually) so now I’m desperately waiting for reruns so I can catch up on Season 3.  I found out that BET plays some and I’ve been recording them so hopefully I can piece the season together.  I need my Olivia Pope fix!
  • I cannot believe that it’s time to register this baby for Kindergarten!  I’m thrilled about the raise we’ll be receiving when we no longer have to pay for childcare.  The end of that weekly payment is near!Zoo 018
  • Nolan and I were searching for St. Patrick’s Day treats for Janie’s class today since she missed the last 2 days of school.  I thought we would find some on clearance but no such luck (maybe because we aren’t Irish, ha!).  However, the lady in the Publix bakery was just like the commercials!  She offered to make me something but I said that the mini cupcakes were fine and she gave me 24 St. Patrick’s Day rings to put in them.  The Publix bakery is awesome!
  • On the way to the store this morning, Nolan said, “Look, there’s a Catbob.”  It was a Bobcat, not the animal but the equipment.  He makes me laugh!


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