Life with the Bs

Midweek Randoms

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Tim was able to pick Nolan up a little early on Monday.  Nolan asked why he was picked up early.  Tim responded that he got off work earlier than usual.  Nolan said, “Did you get fired?”  Ha!

Janie had a Wax Museum project at school last week.  She did her report on Elizabeth Blackwell.  They each had a start button in front of them that you would step on and they would read their report about who they are and what they are known for.  It was really cute!


We were talking with the kids about what to give up for Lent.  Nolan said that he’s wants to give up dinner.  Good one Nolan, you actually have to eat dinner in order to give it up.  We suggested that he actually eat or even try dinner for 40 days.

I’m giving up Facebook for Lent.  I’m also going to sign up for this Daily Sacrifice.  They send you something different each day.  Could be fun!


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