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Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom was a lot of fun.  We had reservations for a character lunch at Tusker House.  It was nice to sit down and have a good meal, all you can eat buffet at that!  The food was very different but delicious.  Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey were there.

Highlights at Animal Kingdom:  The Safari was great.  Nolan got to see a real cheetah (only his favorite animal because he can run as fast as one).  We ran into Pocahontas with no line!  Tim loved Expedition Everest.

Disney 074 Disney 136

Low lights at Animal Kingdom:  They close the animal stuff down early.  We wanted to do the safari again but didn’t get a chance.  The parade was cute but there wasn’t much shade.

The Magic Kingdom was our last stop.  Walking up to the gate, you can tell that it’s the most popular park!  The line for Peter Pan was around an hour all day.  I tried to get a Fast Pass for it but we couldn’t get one until 9:45pm so we passed on Peter Pan.

Highlights at Magic Kingdom:  The Electric Parade is awesome.  We watched the fireworks from the ferry and they were great.  Everyone loved Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Disney 013 Disney 022

Low lights at Magic Kingdom:  The crowds!  Being the most visited place in the world, I guess you should expect large crowds but I checked the crowd calendar and that was a “slow” day.  I can’t imagine what a busy day looks like!  We never even made it to Tomorrowland.

Here are the posts on Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Overall, we had a great trip!  We brought our lunch into the park every day, except the day we had the character lunch.  This saved time and money because most the time, we just ate in line.  We stayed onsite in the past and I honestly don’t see much of a difference staying offsite.  It’s $15 to park each day but it was worth is to have our own kitchen and bedrooms at the condo.  I also don’t see a need for the Park Hopper pass because you really can’t get through a park in a day and you lose at least an hour getting from one park to the other.  Four parks in 4 days was a lot.  I think I would recommend doing 2 days, taking a day off and going back for 2 more.  I feel like I figured out the best way to Fast Pass at the end of the trip.  I recommend going to rides with no lines first and then get Fast Passes midday.  I think we wasted a few Fast Passes by getting them for stuff in the morning when there wasn’t much of a line anyway.


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