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I love Epcot.  It’s been my favorite park since I was little.  I will always remember the Horizon’s ride where you get to pick how you travel back to the present.  It’s too bad that they replaced it with Mission Space (a ride I will never ride, even though they have a lighter version now).

We had a great day at Epcot.  We went to Soarin’ first and got there before they had a wait.  Nolan must have a fear of heights because he really didn’t like it.  The rest of us loved it though.  We got Fast Passes (tip: there is a Fast Pass kiosk behind the ball at Mission Space.  Luckily, a family from Michigan told me about it while we were waiting for the park to open.  We walked back there and sure enough, there was no line).  We visited many of the countries and sampled some of their cuisine.  It really takes awhile to walk through them all.  I wish we had more time.

Highlights at Epcot:  Soarin’ and Test Track were crowd favorites.  We also enjoyed Spaceship Earth, although my in-laws listened to it in French because they didn’t hit English fast enough.  We also met a number of characters at Epcot because the line was so short.

Disney 066

Disney 027

Low lights at Epcot:  I just wish we had more time to walk around the World Showcase.

I think Epcot was the favorite park for most of us.  Both kids and adults really enjoyed it!


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