Life with the Bs

The Truth

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I try to be truthful on my blog.  Our life, house, kids, are far from perfect and I don’t think I pretend to be (I hope I don’t).  But I know pictures can come across that way.  Let’s take this picture for example…..

Feb 004It looks like my sweet 4 and 7 year olds worked together to build this very adorable snowman.  The snow was falling and we were happily playing outside.

Now here comes the truth…….this snowman was gone seconds after I snapped the picture.  He kept falling apart, Nolan stomped on the head, Janie got mad at Nolan.  There were tears because fingers were cold and socks were wet.  They tried to build another snowman but that one fell apart a number of times.  I had to tell them at least 4 times to stop eating the snow because our yard is also used as a bathroom by our dog.  So that’s the story behind the picture.  I know years from now, I will look at this picture at miss that 4 and 7 year old and I won’t remember the truth behind the picture.


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