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It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these.  Here are some things that I’m currently into:

  • Vitamin E Cream – I was talking to someone that’s quite a bit older than me but has amazing skin to get her secrets.  She said that she uses Vitamin E Cream on her face daily.  I’ve been using it for about a month and really love it.  I’m also happy to have it because I can use it on Nolan’s scar.  Let me know if you have any skin care suggestions.

  • The Taste – Since Grey’s Anatomy hasn’t been on, I decided to check out The Taste and I really like it.  I like shows with short little seasons since it’s doesn’t take much of a commitment on my part.

  • The Winter Olympics – I’m so excited for the winter games!  We let the kids stay up a little late last night to check out the snow boarding.  I can’t wait for the figure skating!

  • Gap Jeans – I bought some clothes from a girl on one of those Facebook yard sale sites.  She sold each item for $2!  I got a pair of Gap jeans from her and I love them!  She said that they were her favorite jeans but didn’t fit after she had her baby.  They are now my favorite jeans!  I just love the fit.  Although they are a little worn but that’s in style right now so I’m good.

  • Baby Lips – My lips are super dry and I feel like when I put lipstick on, it dries them out even more.  So I’ve been using Baby Lips on top of lipstick or the tinted one alone.


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