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  • Thanks for all the interest in Joe.  He’s reached out to a few ladies so far.  Honestly, I’m pulling for Darcy.  Don’t know of it’s because she’s a GA girl or what but I hope we can make a love connection!
  • Speaking of bachelors, lots of drama for El Bachelor on Monday night!  Juan Pablo is all over the place.  He obviously has lots, maybe too much, chemistry with Clare.  I’m still pulling for Renee although I’m thinking she may be too good for him!
  • And while we are on reality TV, did anyone see The Biggest Loser Finale?  Rachel was in it to win it and that’s what she did.  However, she needs to put on a few pounds.  It’s almost scary the way that they end it based on weight alone.
  • I had my follow up with the Urologist today.  I need reduce the amount of tea, chocolate, spinach, nuts and animal proteins that I consume.  That boot camp that started 2 years ago had me up my protein intake so this will be an adjustment.  I’m also going to miss my daily green tea!
  • Janie had her softball assessment this past weekend and the girl nailed it!  It’s amazing how much she picked up in one season.  She got 2 out of 3 grounders very easily, caught 1 of the 2 popups, and hit 4 out of 5 pitches!  I was so proud of her and I could tell how much more confidence she has this season.
  • That’s all I’ve got for now.  We get Nolan’s stitches out today or tomorrow.  Hopefully the removal will be less traumatic for all of us!

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  1. Yeah…that thing with Clare was a bit much!!! He has such double standards!!! Clare v. Renee…wow. Making babies in the ocean with one…will barely hold hands with the other. Blah.

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