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Doctors, Hosptials, Vets. Oh My!


I think we’ve had enough doctors, hospitals and vet visits for the year!  We knew it would happen eventually….Nolan got his first stitches this weekend.  He had an altercation with the night stand.  He got 3 stitches in his cheek on Saturday morning.  I won’t show any gross pictures because I can’t stand the sight of blood and I’m sure some of you can’t either.


I told him that he could pick out a special treat at the drug store.  He said that he wanted chocolate so we went down the Valentine’s Day aisle, the candy aisle, and ended up at the front of the store.  The kid picked out tic-tacs!  Out of all the things he could pick out….tic-tacs???  At least they were orange.

Nolan had baseball assessments on Saturday morning so we when got home from the ER, Tim took him up there to register.  We said that he didn’t have to “try-out” but Tim said that he wanted to so he went up to bat.  He hit the 3rd pitch it and popped up and hit him in the nose.  So on top of stitches that morning, he also got a bloody nose!

Our Boxer will be 12 this May and he started having seizures last week.  The medicine for seizures is going to be $250 per month!  We really don’t know what to do or where we are with this.  Tim is having a really rough time.  Luckily, he has been seizure free for 2 days!


Speaking of hospitals, my dad is having surgery on to repair his rotator cuff today.  Prayers are appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Doctors, Hosptials, Vets. Oh My!

  1. Oh gosh, poor doggie. 😦 That’s really tough…I’m so sorry!! 😦 And…tic tacs??! I mean, the orange ones ARE really good, but still. You need to up your child rearing game if THAT’s the kind of life choices he’s making!! 😉 (kidding, of course!)

    • I agree, I was actually needing some chocolate at that point so I was trying to talk him into the big bag of M&Ms or the 6 pack of candy bars. Nope, he keep going towards the gum and tic tacs! Even the cashier was trying to talk him out of tic tacs. I guess my frugal ways have rubbed off on my children. However, there is a time and place for chocolate and this one of them.

      On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 9:19 AM, lifewiththebs

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