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Be careful what you wish for….I was hoping that we would see some snow this winter.  Boy did we see some snow!  I felt so helpless hearing all the stories of people stranded on highways, in schools and at work.  We had friends and neighbors that were sitting in traffic for 10 plus hours.  My sister and nieces ended up at a hotel, at least they had a warm bed, unlike many out there.  It was crazy!   I honestly feel bad for the school systems.  If they would have cancelled school on Tuesday, people would have complained that they cancelled school without anything on the roads.  It’s a no win for them.

Thankfully, we all made it home.  The commute for Tim was longer but no where near what the majority of people had to deal with.  As you can see, it was coming down most of the day on Tuesday.

Jan 006

The kids really got to enjoy it on Wednesday.  I don’t know where Janie got snow pants but she was happy to have them even if they are a 6x (she wears an 8).

Jan 014

We saw snow, now be gone so we can get back to our regular schedules.


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