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Worst. Pain. Ever.

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I’ve had a rough weekend to say the least.  The lithotripsy on Friday was great.  The doctor told Tim that he felt like everything broke up nicely so we were home by about 11am.  Nolan and I took a nap together, Tim picked up dinner for us that Nolan’s school graciously provided, and my best friend picked up our kiddos for a sleepover.

At 3am, I woke up to a sharp pain.  I went to the bathroom and started to feel nauseous and faint.  I thought, I should wake Tim up but next thing I knew, I was laying on the tile floor and Tim was asking if I was okay.  He helped me up and we started walking towards the bed and I fainted again.  I didn’t even realize that I fainted twice until Tim told me the next day.  My head hurt from hitting the tile so we stayed up for awhile with ice on my head to make sure I was okay.  The next morning, I felt okay.  My head still hurt a bit but my kidney pain was okay and I was passing pieces so that was good.  We took it easy and my friend brought the kids back in the evening.  We ate dinner and I went to bed when the kids did.

I woke up to pain about 2am and took a pain pill.  Sadly, it didn’t touch the sharp pain in my side (it’s like a labor contraction that never lets up).  I got in the tub 3 times during the night.  I was up from 2am – 6am and then I threw up.  Tim said that it was time we did something.  I was considering calling 911 because I couldn’t imagine driving to the hospital in all that pain.  Nolan was up at this point and I didn’t want to scare my children so we decided to call a neighbor to come sit with them until my mom could get here.  We decided it was best to go back to the hospital that I had the surgery at, a 45 minute drive.  That was the longest ride of my life!  I wanted Tim to drive fast but I was also so nauseous so I wanted him to slow down.  I threw up at a number of stop lights, I don’t know how I managed to work that out but I’m sure the people around us thought I had partied hard on Saturday night.

Luckily, we had a great ER experience.  They got me right in a room and gave me drugs pretty quickly.  I had a CT scan and they found that I had a 3mm stone that was stuck in my ureter with a cluster of stones behind it.  They gave me a drug that dilates the ureter so that one could pass and let everything behind it come through.  The doctor also told me that I need to stay on top of the pain pills, I cannot just take them as needed.  He said once you lose control of the pain, it’s hard to get it back under control.  I won’t make that mistake again!

So here I am, on lots of meds and peeing through strainers.  I had a great night last night and hope they continue.  Our friends, neighbors and family have been wonderful and we are so thankful for their help.  I managed to hold it together pretty well in front of the kids so I don’t think they were too traumatized!


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