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Procedure and kids


My kidney stone procedure (lithotripsy) is scheduled for tomorrow.  The doctor and hospital keep calling it surgery, I guess because they put you under.  The other day, I was telling Janie what they are going to do.  She said, “so they don’t cut you?”  I explained that they use sound waves so they don’t have to cut me.  She said, “then that’s not surgery!”  Thanks for clearing that up, Dr. Janie!

Another kid funny that I have to share, we pulled up at the store the other day and I opened Nolan’s door to get him out.  A gum wrapper fell out of the car and Nolan quickly picked it up.  He said, “I almost glittered!”

Janie had adjective day to school.  She chose to dress as “pretty”.  I happen to think she looks pretty every day but this is pretty to her…..

Jan 004Those are sock roller curls.

I’m actually looking forward to my recovery weekend.  The nurse at pre-op said I will be sore so I should plan to take it easy.  Sounds like a good weekend to me!

3 thoughts on “Procedure and kids

  1. Ha! Glad Janie is in charge of the medical terminology ’round here!! I hope your family takes good care of you and lets you be the boss of the TV while you’re recovering this weekend. Prayers for a safe and successful non-surgery!!

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