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I’ve been married 10 years and I can tell you that I’m no expert.  My marriage is not in trouble but we get ourselves in a rut from time to time.  I’m on day 15 of The Love Dare and I can honestly say that everyone should do this once a year or two.  As mentioned, I don’t think that Tim knows that some friends and I are doing it but not only has he thanked me over and over again for some of the things that I’ve done, he is doing some of these things himself.  Day 10 was “Love is unconditional” and the dare was to do something out of the ordinary. I’m a chick flick girl.  Tim and I rarely watch movies together because I’m just not into it unless it has love (dancing is a plus).  I usually end up getting a movie that I think both of us will like and I’m asleep in 10 minutes.  After reading my dare for the day, I got a code for a free Redbox.  I decided that I would get a “man” movie and I would watch the whole thing with him without having my phone or Kindle out.  I also had a coupon for BOGO coffee so I got us each a coffee on my way home.  Not only was this a treat, it would also keep me awake during the movie.  So for $3 we had a nice little date night at home and he thanked me a number of times for getting a movie that he would like (I got Man of Steel and it wasn’t all that bad).

I’m really enjoying this journey and getting my dare for each day!  If I want to be like my grandparents that just celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary, it’s gonna take a little work!


2 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. What a great ‘dare’!! Although…I loved Man of Steel!! But still…props to you for picking a movie you thought you wouldn’t like. That’s tough stuff!! 🙂

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