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Project organize my closet

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Happy Monday!  I’ve been on a mission since the new year to purge and organize this house.  I’ve tackled the laundry room, which also serves as our toy storage, and the pantry.  This weekend, I focused on my closet (which led to Nolan’s closet but his is small and pretty easy).

I was looking for scarf storage without having to purchase anything.  I saw this idea on Pinterest.  I have hangers so this looked like a winner to me!


I now have 3 hangers of scarves that I can easily see and access.  I was also looking for a solution for hats and belts.  We had 2 small hooks on the back of the closet door but stuff was always falling off of them.  While putting away Christmas stuff, I noticed this shelf in our basement storage.  We hung it in the closet and now have a place for hats, belts, and some of my bigger necklaces that were taking up too much room in my jewelry box.


And we have room to grow.  A clean closet makes me happy!


One thought on “Project organize my closet

  1. Love it– I spent some time organizing my closet, too! It’s crazy how much better you feel about life when your closet isn’t a wreck, right?!

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