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Focus on the good

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What a week!  This could be a very whiny post but I’m “trying” to focus on the positive.

I’m very thankful that we are not dealing with flooding like many in our area.  The South is just not prepared for this arctic blast!  Nolan’s school flooded and had a roof cave in on Tuesday evening.  Thankfully, they only had about 12 students left in the school.  The director got all of the kids out and into teacher’s vehicles so they could turn on the heat.  Another school in the area has opened up classrooms for us for the rest of the week.

I was finally able to figure out why this pain in my side never lets up, I have a 7.3 mm kidney stone.  Therefore, it doesn’t look like I’ve passed anything because it’s too big.  I have to have surgery to break up the stone so I can pass it.  I’m very thankful to have some answers and hopefully some relief soon!

And even though the school cancellations this week threw a wrench in my plans, I was thankful to have a few extra days with these girls and dolls…..


I’m also thankful that I got to have a night out with these ladies.  Adult conversation over a little vino is always welcome!



One thought on “Focus on the good

  1. YIKES!!! 7.3!!! I hope you get that taken care of quickly!!! How miserable is the surgery for this?

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