Life with the Bs

Bumps and stones


I went to pick Nolan from school on Friday and they told me that he had an accident.  He ran right into the basketball poll.  She said he had a good bump but they were checking on him often and he was doing well.  As his mom, I have seen a number of bumps on his head so I thought I was prepared but this was a big one (the picture doesn’t do it justice).


This bump gets the Nolan’s largest egg award.  I was also wondering if we needed to get his eyesight checked.  How did he not see a basketball pole?!  We discussed what happened and the real story came out.  He and his friends were playing chase and he was the monster.  He said, “I’m a better monster with my hat on my face.”  Oh son!

I think my urologist appointment is coming a couple of days too late.  A few different people told me that a cold beer would help with kidney stone pain.  I was in a hot bath drinking a cold beer at 6am yesterday, I was desperate!  I don’t know if the pain pill kicked in or if it was the bath & beer but I managed to fall asleep shortly after my bath and I woke up feeling better.

We’re on our second day of schools being cancelled due to cold temps.  I’m really excited for things to warm up tomorrow so we can get back on our regular schedule.  I think Janie is ready to get back to school too!


2 thoughts on “Bumps and stones

  1. Ha!! A cold beer in the bathtub at 6am…for medicinal purposes?? That’s pretty hilarious. But I’m glad you’re feeling better!!

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