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I was indirectly on the receiving end of a random act of kindness yesterday.  My father in law was in an accident when my husband was young.  Since then, he has been unable to work and lives off of social security and disability.  He is not able to drive so we pick him for church every Sunday and then take him to do his grocery shopping after church.  We went to Super Target yesterday and I went to get a few things (and check out the 90% off Christmas clearance that was pretty much wiped out) and met back up with him.  He was talking to a women in the pickle aisle for awhile, not such an uncommon occurrence for him, he makes friends everywhere he goes and he likes pickles.  I went to check out and he met me over there.  I paid for my items and he started to check out.  All of the sudden, that woman he was talking to showed up and said that she wanted to pay for his groceries.  I told her that she didn’t have to do that and she said that she really wanted to buy them for him.  The cashier was shocked as well and asked if we knew each other.  The woman said no, I just want to pay if forward!  Wow!  His grocery total was $50 and she took care of it.  We both gave her a hug and went on our way with smiles on our faces.

Speaking of kindness, I started The Love Dare on January 1st as I mentioned.  The first few days are not saying anything negative to your spouse and doing something kind.  Tim doesn’t know that I’m doing this (unless he reads my blog and I don’t think he does).  But kindness truly is contagious!  On Saturday, Nolan and I were going to run some errands and Tim went out and warmed up my car for me!  It’s funny how he has no idea what I’m doing other than being kinder and he’s doing it too.


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  1. That is so awesome about the lady in Target!! What a blessing! And that’s cool about the Love Dare, too– I didn’t know you did it without your spouse knowing! Even more fun!! Keep us posted on how it goes!!

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