Life with the Bs

4 things


I saw another blogger do this so I thought I would join.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
– Hostess
– Daycare worker/babysitter
– Cashier
– Sales rep

Four movies I’ve watched more than once: (there may be a slight trend here)
– Grease
– Footloose
– Dirty Dancing
– Shag

Four TV shows I watch:
– Parenthood
– Grey’s Anatomy
– The Voice
– Homeland

Four places I have been:
– Belize
– Costa Rica
– Niagara Falls
– Las Vegas

Four favorite foods:
– sushi
– chicken salad
– guacamole
– a good salad

Four goals for 2014:
– pay off my vehicle and start contributing to an auto account for future vehicles
– Complete The Love Dare (I’m planning on starting tomorrow for anyone that wants to join me)
– be more present, especially with my kids
– logging my food on Myfitnesspal

Thanks to my faithful readers, all 5 of you.  These monkeys wish you a very happy 2014!

Christmas 041

2 thoughts on “4 things

  1. Do you happen to like dancing movies?? 😉 Also, we could be food friends (I’ve had this thought before today, actually), but you’ll have to start liking sushi less. It’s not really my favorite. Other than that, though, you’re good!! 🙂

    • I wish we could all just dance and sing our way through life! I may need some voice lessons first. Oh, sushi is the best! I actually fell in love with sushi at the little place in Downtown Athens. Happy New Year!

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