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Christmas 2013 Recap

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How can one day tear a house apart?  Especially when we weren’t even here most the day!  Other than my house being a mess, we had a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas 005

We celebrated the birth of Jesus with so many friends and family at the Christmas Pageant and Mass on Christmas Eve.  Janie really enjoyed being part of the Angel Choir.  I get teary every time they sing at mass.

CAM01304We’ll pretend this picture isn’t blurry.

Then we headed to a Cuban Christmas.  Some friends of ours roast a pig and serve black beans and rice.  It’s so good!  We headed home to put our Santa cookies out.  Luckily, both kids were falling asleep in the car so it made bedtime and all that comes next very easy.  Wear those kids out!

Christmas 009

We had a nice, lazy Christmas morning at home.  As you can see, Nolan is too busy to pose with his gifts.

Christmas morn

We were working on the solar system puzzle above and I said that Mercury is small.  Nolan asked if that’s where our friends that are moving to Michigan are going.  Since we are used to having them up the street, Michigan does seem out of this world!

We celebrated with my family on Christmas day and will celebrate with Tim’s family this weekend.  We are so blessed to have both families close so we can all get together during holidays.


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