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Cookie Exchange


I’ve hosted a Christmas Cookie Exchange for about 7 years (I think I missed one or two when I was pregnant or had an infant).  We had a great turnout this year.  It’s so much fun to see friends that we don’t see that often, the cookies are just an added perk!

cookie exchange

I’ve served the same chicken salad for a past few years because everyone asks for it.  I will share the recipe soon.  We also have Apple Brandy Brew every year (in the crockpot) that makes you feel all warm inside.

Janie invites some friends and we always have a craft or project for them.  I didn’t get too creative this year since we did ice cream cone trees last year. Luckily, we only had 2 repeats and Janie was one of them.

Now if the cookies make it to Christmas, we will have our Christmas miracle.

2 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange

  1. You know, I’ve never been to a cookie exchange, but I always think they sound like SO much fun!! And you also need to share the recipe for the Apple Brandy Brew because that sounds spectacular!

    • You can come next year if you’re up for a little drive! Here’s the Apple Brandy Brew in case you NEED to make it over the next few days. Trust me, you do.

      1 bottle of apple flavored wine (I can’t ever find apple so I use Arbor Mist Peach Chardonnay or an Arbor Mist fruit Moscato), 2 cups of apple cider, 1 cup peach brandy, 1 cinnamon stick

      Combine ingredients in a slow cooker. Cover and heat on low 3 – 4 hours. Serve hot.

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