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Party, party, party

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Yesterday was a party day.  First up was Janie’s class party.

Christmas 003

They made these cute little edible snowmen.  Janie’s snowman ended up with a tropical look.

Christmas 005

Next up was Nolan’s class party.  They sang songs and each child shared their favorite part of Christmas.  I was hoping that Nolan would be one of the children that would say Jesus but he said hot chocolate is his favorite part of Christmas.  Hey, at least he didn’t say presents!

Christmas 030

Christmas 038

Then we headed to church for parties there.  I teach 1st grade and we had a birthday party for Jesus.  I read A Special Place for Santa.  This is really a great book that every Christian family should own.

We did a lot of gift cards for teacher/staff gifts this year.  I wanted to share these printables.  I just printed these on photo paper and then wrap them up with a homemade ornament and they’re so cute.


restaurant gift card printable

Starbucks gift card printable


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