Life with the Bs

Midweek Randoms

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  • Can you believe Christmas is a week away?!  I feel like I have so much to do.  Luckily, Nolan’s school is offering parents night out on Friday so hopefully we can get our last minute shopping done. 
  • Janie will be singing at the Christmas Pageant and Children’s Mass on Christmas Eve.  She’s super excited!
  • I got free tickets to Anchorman 2 this week so a friend and I went.  It was as funny and dumb as the first one.  Meet Nolan Burgundy……


  • We hosted Tim’s family’s Christmas here on Sunday.  Check out some of these treasures…..B ChristmasNolan was very excited with the phone that he got from 2005.  He said it just needs new batteries.  And Janie truly loves her new slippers.  I ended up with 3 scrub brushes.  I guess someone is trying to tell me something!


  • Our neighborhood is doing luminaries on Christmas Eve.  I’ve been saving milk jugs and got the battery operated candles last night.  I was showing the kids what they will look like and said that all we need now is some sand.  Nolan said, “well, Nana has sand.”  I was wondering what he was talking about and then Janie and I figured out that it was kitty litter.  I don’t know, that may be a little too Cousin Eddie for me! 

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