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It’s the holiday season

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We had a busy Advent weekend!  Nolan and his school sang at the city tree lighting on Friday night.  That’s Nolan and his buddy, Henry, holding hands on the far left.  At four, it’s acceptable to hold hands and sing Christmas carols with a buddy.

Christmas 011

We had breakfast with Santa at Nolan’s school on Saturday morning.  Nolan said, “That’s not the Santa that came to Nana and Papa’s house.”  The kid had a point, the white beard was about all this Santa had going for him.  The pillow that was stuffed under his coat didn’t work in his favor.

Christmas 024

Next up was a vendor fair at Janie’s school.  And then we headed to the city parade to represent Nolan’s school.


And we saw yet another Santa.


The line for the Santa above was super long after the parade so we went to see another Santa at a local tree lot.  I finally got a decent shot so we ended our Santa search at this point.


I walked into Publix and there was a really bad Santa standing there.  Luckily I was alone but I don’t know that it would even matter anymore.  We will be reading One Thousand Christmas Beards tonight.  It’s a great explanation of all these different Santas that we see around town.


And speaking of Santa, I absolutely love this……


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