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Thanksgiving weekend wrap up

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Happy Monday!  It was so nice having 4 days off.  However, I didn’t really do anything productive.  Unless you consider eating, sleeping, watching football and more eating productive!  Speaking of football, how about a that Auburn game????  Wow!  I know some SEC fans weren’t pulling for Auburn but I was happy that they won.  And the way they won, that was just awesome! 

We had a special visitor at my parents house on Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving 011 Thanksgiving 025c

He told the kids that Kringle, our elf, won’t be here right away because he has some other families to visit.  Whew, thanks for giving us a couple extra days, Santa!  We did get our Christmas stuff up.  I guess that was productive.  I will post pictures this week.  I still need a Christmas card picture and since I’ve already received a few cards, I need to get on it! 

I might be back today with some Cyber Monday deals, if there are any share worthy deals. 


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