Life with the Bs

Kidney Stones


My sister has suffered from kidney stones for a long time.  I remember her having to strain her pee and she showed me one that she passed and caught in the strainer.  I looked at this little tiny crystal and couldn’t imagine how that could be worse than childbirth.  Well, now I understand.  I was at urgent care this morning with a horrible pain on my side.  Luckily, they saw me very quickly and after a x-ray and urine sample, they confirmed that I’m passing a kidney stone.  Lortab has been my friend today.  They don’t really give you a time frame on this whole passing a kidney stone thing.  I hope to be on a tryptophan high, not a Lortab high, by Thursday.  Any advice, suggestions and prayers are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Kidney Stones

  1. Oh yikes!!! I have never had a kidney stone but I hear they are just REALLY awful!!! I am so sorry…I hope the painkillers work and that you pass it quickly!!!

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