Life with the Bs

Midweek Randoms

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  • Nolan had his ENT appointment yesterday and we decided to hold off on tubes for now.  However, one more ear infection and he will get another set of tubes and get his adenoids out.  I’m praying it doesn’t come to that!
  • Janie joined the Angel Choir at church and she loves it!  They are practicing for the children’s Christmas mass.  So we’re listening to and singing Christmas songs already!
  • Speaking of Christmas, I cannot believe how many people already have Christmas trees up!  I know Thanksgiving is late this year but I prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving.
  • Janie and a friend were playing Pictionary the other day.  Janie got “answer the phone”.  Unfortunately, her 6 year old friend had never seen one of these before (I don’t know where Janie has seen one either)…..


  • Tim was out of town this weekend so we met my best friend for dinner and to watch the GA game (such a disappointment).  This is what the other side of the booth looked like, no one wants to sit with mom!


  • We were making BLTs for dinner last night.  I asked Nolan if he wanted mayonnaise on his.  He said, “yes, I want man eggs on mine!”

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