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Ear infections and inspiration

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Nolan ended up with another ear infection on Friday.  I moved our ENT appointment up to this week to see if we need to discuss another set of tubes.  If so, I would prefer to get it done before all the new healthcare stuff hits!

One of the parents of a child in my religious education class told me yesterday that we hadn’t met but she was in Great Clips that day that Janie did this….

Locks of Love

She said that her daughter, a year younger than Janie, was inspired to grow her hair out and donate it as well!  I’m so glad that she shared that story.  Just goes to show, you should always work to be a good example because you never know who’s watching!

There are so many great photo card deals out there so I tried to take a Christmas picture.  It was raining so we couldn’t go outside and I didn’t want to use the flash so I got some pretty blurry pictures.  Looks like Popeye’s offspring joined our family!

nov 056




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