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I’m joining Kelly’s Korner for the Build ‘Em Up series.  Today’s topic is your most life changing resource.  I thought I was prepared for motherhood, I loved babies, worked at a daycare in high school and babysat all the time.  I knew everything there was to know, or so I thought.  Then we had Janie and she was colicky.  Our first couple of weeks with her were anything but easy.  I started to search online for advice, resources, anything to help us with this baby that cried all the time.  I read lots of reviews about The Baby Whisperer and felt I needed to give it a try.  My mom went out and picked up this book for us:

product image

It was life changing!  We started the EASY schedule with Janie at 6 weeks old and it made all the difference.  It took the guessing game out of the equation.  We were able to identify why she was crying… was time to eat, sleep, or she was just gassy.  The book tells you how to adjust the schedule based on age so we stuck with this well in to her toddler years.  Janie needed structure, she still does, it’s just her personality.  She needed to know what was coming next and this book gave us the blue print for that.  Nolan was a much more easy going baby but we still stuck with the EASY schedule for him.  It also gives potty training advice and although it sounds crazy to sit a 9 month old on the potty, we did it and our children were both potty trained shortly after their 2nd birthdays.

With the Baby Whisperer, we were able to figure out the schedule that worked for our family and give our children the structure that they needed.  It was a great resource for us!


3 thoughts on “Parenting Resource

  1. I might need to look into this!! So far we’ve read ONE baby/parenting book (Happiest Baby on the Block)…perhaps we should go for double or nothing, in case the first one doesn’t work??! Strangely, I read your blog in the car a few hours ago and shortly thereafter (I didn’t say anything to Matt) he brought up that his (female) boss at work today was talking about this book! I was like– ummm I just read about it, too! So maybe it’s a sign.

  2. I love this BOOK!!!! As a mom of three, I have used it on all three of my kids, and have loved it. Thank you for sharing!! I found your post through Kelly’s Korner and please feel free to hop over to my side of the internet world, I will be back!!!! Thank you.

  3. hey laura! thanks for linking up with us. i sure could’ve used a baby whisperer during that season.

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