Life with the Bs

Lice, lice baby

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Janie went to a slumber party on Friday night and brought an unwelcome guest home.  I noticed right before church on Sunday so Janie and I ran to the drug store to get the lice kit and came home to treat our hair and wash everything that would fit in the washing machine.  My mother in law stopped by and reminded me of the chapter in Sparkly Green Earrings on lice (If you haven’t read the book and want a good laugh, it needs to be on your reading list.  If anyone has a Nook and wants to borrow my copy, let me know).  I had to go back and reread it to be reminded that I was not alone in this.  There’s nothing more romantic than having your husband check your scalp for bugs!  I just took Janie up to the school nurse and she confirmed that I got them all…..take that, lice!  Now I have to trust that Tim did a good job on my head.  However, I can’t stop itching and I apologize if you can’t either.



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