Life with the Bs

Winning and Losing

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There’s been been lots of winning and losing going on at this house!

Win – The Falcons finally got a win this weekend!

Loss – Sadly, the Dawgs didn’t come away with a win.

Win – Janie’s softball team played a one pitch tournament.  They were guaranteed two games and won the second game!  It was their first win all season.  They know how to play when it counts!


Loss – They lost their third game but we’re used to it so no biggie.  They had a lot of fun this season!

Win – Nolan got 3 hits at his game on Saturday!  He ended up with the game ball again.


Loss – See how number 1 has a different hat…..we lost his Thunders hat.  I cannot find it anywhere!  As an organized person, this is making me crazy!

Win – We went to a chili cook-off a few weekends ago.  The kids left as winners of pumpkin whoopee cushions.  So fitting!


Loss – Our chili didn’t win anything!  Back to the drawing board stove top!


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