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Adventures in Parenting

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This parenting thing can be so much fun and a real headache at the same time.  Just when you think your 7 year old is past the need to be under constant supervision, you find this…….


Yes, that is the walking Baby Alive with nail polish on her face, arms and nails.  Janie’s carpet and dresser were also in the line of fire.  On a separate occasion in the past few weeks, she and a friend were playing dress up and her friend didn’t have lipstick so they used red marker.  Yes, RED marker, on their lips.  I guess to a 7 year old brain, these sound like great ideas.

This morning, Nolan was watching Octonauts and he said, “this is my favorite one where the turtle goes the wrong way and swims in whale poop.”  I was thinking that sounded a little strange and wondered how you swim whale poop.  Is it like stepping in dog poop?  I was intrigued and had to watch.  I got a good laugh when the turtle was headed towards a whirl pool, not whale poop!

At least I can get a good laugh out of these two!  And now I know if I’m ever running low on makeup, marker works just fine and might even last a few extra days.

One thought on “Adventures in Parenting

  1. This wad too funny. Don’t you love the silly things kids do!

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