Life with the Bs

Midweek Randoms

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  • Tim said that Janie’s team needed a win last night to help him recover from the Braves and Falcons games.  Sadly, it didn’t happen.  So much for my smack talk about the Orange Crush crushing it, they haven’t won a game this season!  It’s doesn’t seem to bother her too much though and she is still really enjoying softball.  At least we have our Dawgs!
  • Children of the 80s……do you you remember the My Child Doll?  I got one for Christmas in 1986.  A friend pointed out that Nolan looked like a My Child when he was a baby so I pulled up a picture the other day.

mychildI can see it!  I wish I kept my doll.  You should see what they are going for on Ebay!

  • Get a free card from Treat with coupon code TES0813TTA1F.  Have it shipped to you for no cost at all.
  • I’ve gotten some great gifts on Jane (formerly Very Jane) lately.  I got one of these for me for only $15.50 shipped!

  • Thanks for all of the feedback on Disney.  I’ve found some great resources and have narrowed down our character meals, I think.  Now I have to see what’s still available.  Please keep any park tips/tricks coming.

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