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We had tea with Ariel on Friday (like that cheesy title??).  There’s a local tea house that has different princesses for tea each month.  Ariel is was Janie’s favorite princess so I made reservations for us and some friends.  The meal is based on the character and everything was adorable!

Tea party 013

Tea party 006 Tea party 010 Tea party 014  That’s a kid friendly Jello shot.

At age 7, I’m thinking we have come to the end of the princess phase.  Sad!!!  When Ariel came to our table, Janie really wasn’t that interested.  Later when I asked why was wasn’t into Ariel, Janie said that her eyebrows were brown so she can’t be real.  We all had a great time though.  I think we will go back but not for tea with a princess.

Tea party 009 Tea party 027Pinky’s out

So glad that we did this prior to booking a character meal.  If we do a character meal, it will definitely be one that is geared more towards Nolan!


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