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Baby Boom 2013


There have been 3 baby announcements this week.  My neighbor is actually at the hospital delivering now and I’m going to see a friend later that is pregnant with identical twin boys.  I think I can safely diagnose myself with baby fever!

My baby is 4!  He’s really no longer at baby at all, although we still refer to him as one (I hope he doesn’t grow up to be THAT guy).  Luckily, he still wears 24 month clothes so we can carry him around.  But he’s not a baby so we need to let him be a big boy.  And Mom, I’m sorry for getting on to you about “babying” my little brother.  I get it now, it’s hard to see your baby grow up!

nolan 006

With the first child, you want to get to the next stage.  I remember saying that I couldn’t wait to hear what Janie’s voice would sound like or what she would look like as a little girl.  It seems that you are so excited to see what they will do next, that you rush things.  You want them to learn to sing the ABCs or write their name early.  You want them to be the first one of their age group to do certain things.  I guess this is why most oldest children grow up to be overachievers.

But then the youngest comes along and you want time to stop.  I already miss that baby smell, kissing their warm heads, rocking them in the middle of the night.  They aren’t babies for long and believe me, your arms will feel empty when you are no longer holding a baby through church or bouncing around a dark bedroom in the middle of the night.  And don’t worry about all that other stuff.  Every kid eventually learns how to write their name and tie their shoes.  As we say in my house, it’s not a race!

oct 036




3 thoughts on “Baby Boom 2013

  1. Aaaaaaaah the picture of Janie in a robe (??)!!!! SO AWESOME!!!

  2. This is beautiful advice! I am a first time mom to an 8 week baby girl. I keep reminding myself to not rush to the next stage. I find myself trying to always take in the little details of her hands and feet, her cry and sweet smiles. Even though some days are tough and nights can be tiring, it has been the most amazing 2 months.

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